Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Space , My Little Garden

Every person has 'their little favorite corner' in the houses they stay. That's the zone which is very much dear to them. That's the place where they unwind each day after days struggle. People ask me a lot, about my favorite niche, when i have designed more than a double dozen creative nooks . My reply over the years have been the same. My garden is my space where i love to sit by post a hard day. I love the positive feel it has. I love sitting here for hours with a hot cup of tea & a sketch book. Not that it has different plants growing up there, or is strategically designed, but just that its like a museum for me, I have collected pebbles from places & displayed there. I have Money plants growing in bottles of different shapes & sizes. Every junk passes a test through me before my friends and family throw it. Its a little garden totally D-I-Y.

Following some pattern

Fresh pink in the garden


Love to sit here for hours..'My me time' 

Not spared the 'all-out' bottle too.

My lily pond

Fighting spirit

Growing in a Vintage pickle Jar

My Favorite Periwinkle 

Lily pond & some fishes in it

Accentuating my space with a lamp from Thailand.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Do it yourself (Name plate design)

Designing a residence has always been challenging. Because every residence is different, unique and it represents the style and taste of the people living in there. Every residence comes up with different design problems and hence they all have to be tackled in different ways.

The most interesting part of a house is its entrance. It is very important to design the entry to the house mainly because its the first impression and that has to be the best. Entrance comprises mainly of main door finish, its handle, its lock, safety grill, paneling design, detailing, lighting. There is a very minute but an important feature in the entrance which is the name plate. If one has to decide the look and feel of the entrance, name plate is a feature to be kept in mind while designing which is often ignored.

So while designing this residence in Thana for Choudhary Family, we came across the same issue. We decided to give it a personal touch rather than going in for a simple or arty sleeper wood name plates currently in the market. Graphically, the tree shape figure was designed by using names of their family members in which owners name were highlighted. It had many other words related to family. These words and names were composed and mounted on a thin canvas of size 8" x 10". A 14" high artist canvas stand was used on which this canvas was placed and was kept on the shoe cabinet at the entrance.

The idea was welcomed by the client, their friends and family and was a hit. The idea not only looked unique on that particular floor but in the whole of the building complex.

These DIY ideas makes your house unique and perfectly showcases your tastes and personality.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oh what fun !!! Mood boards are here!!!

Design & Designing is very interesting but sometimes it tends to get confusing, thanks to zillion options of colors, textures, materials in the market  . Out of the many things you see around how do you pick one for yourself, for your home or your space. Mood boards / inspirational boards play an important role. A look, concept can be explained with the help of pictures, swatches. They act like a medium between the designers mind & the clients. There are many themes that a space can be done. We at Kaamya design studio, at start of every project, go through this small exercise of going through different thematic mood boards. This helps the client to figure out what he likes, or doesn't. Here are few glimpses of mood Boards, each one following a particular theme. (Image courtesy: Google, Collage Composition : Kaamya design studio)

For Vintage lovers..Raw & Timeless

Modern Vintage ...Calm & Refreshing!

Modern Vintage...purple chic !!

Modern Vintage...dare to be yellow!!!

For color enthusiasts!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photos on sale!

It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” -- Elliott Erwitt------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Photo collection of Kaamya design Studio. Browse through the Snaps. The photos are for sale & are owned by Gauri Argade / Kaamya design Studio. Do drop in a mail @ incase you are interested in buying. Your views suggestions are welcome! Have Fun touring!!

"Sailing" A Quiet sailing through the dale lake, its their bread & butter. This picture can be a good addition to your wall showcasing travel pictures.

"Shadows" This picture can very well go off with materialistic kind of a look. Less is more as it is said.

"Life at the beaches" Sometimes some conversations, sometimes silence. A beach has it all. In the hustle bustle of life, we surely find some peace at the foot of the vast ocean. This is for all the beach lovers.
"The Chronicles" We are by many means related to our past. Kudos to the sculptors we had in the times when there was nothing to motivate, inspire, still they created master pieces. Direct from the "kanheri" caves,Mumbai, around 20 feet high sculpture carved with utmost abstraction.

Magical shades Natural Shade in rural India to help save from the scorching heat.

Sunset There are nights & days & then there are the times when you feel nothing. For all the sunset Lovers.

evening out

Peep out of your window


Clouds of happiness


magical Kashmir-Shikara

Magical Kashmir

Cross section

I love Mumbai

A ray of hope

Sunset 2


Kashmir - India - The hidden Beauty


Festive India - Minimal

Junk O Junk

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

'Amplifier' look a like-storage wall

Project details:
Project: Residence for Mr. Raj Nair Location: Mumbai
Project Area: 670, Sq. Ft.
It was a challenge designing this typical sized Mumbai apartment situated in hustle bustled north Mumbai region. The columns were hindrances in the wall elevation, as we were falling short of storage of kid’s toys & stuffs. This wall offset was utilized as storage spaces in the form of amplifier. Thus this wall became a musically interesting one for Kids room. It acts as storage for toys now.
As design can have endless possibilities, further hypotheses can be derived in terms of utility, Shape, size etc. It can serve as an interactive wallboard for kids, where they can write and rewrite on it. In this case the base material can be charcoal board. Secondly, it can have lights in it, acting as interesting light options during night. In this case the shutters can be of printed glass / acrylic. Thirdly it can be of complete transparent see through glass. There can be endless assumptions & derivations of the wall elevation. But currently it is the best & interesting thing in her room & in the house.

Photo Courtesy: Rahul Kolekar
Photo Editing, Write up: ‘Kaamya’ Design Studio