Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Space , My Little Garden

Every person has 'their little favorite corner' in the houses they stay. That's the zone which is very much dear to them. That's the place where they unwind each day after days struggle. People ask me a lot, about my favorite niche, when i have designed more than a double dozen creative nooks . My reply over the years have been the same. My garden is my space where i love to sit by post a hard day. I love the positive feel it has. I love sitting here for hours with a hot cup of tea & a sketch book. Not that it has different plants growing up there, or is strategically designed, but just that its like a museum for me, I have collected pebbles from places & displayed there. I have Money plants growing in bottles of different shapes & sizes. Every junk passes a test through me before my friends and family throw it. Its a little garden totally D-I-Y.

Following some pattern

Fresh pink in the garden


Love to sit here for hours..'My me time' 

Not spared the 'all-out' bottle too.

My lily pond

Fighting spirit

Growing in a Vintage pickle Jar

My Favorite Periwinkle 

Lily pond & some fishes in it

Accentuating my space with a lamp from Thailand.

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