Thursday, June 5, 2014

Do it yourself (Name plate design)

Designing a residence has always been challenging. Because every residence is different, unique and it represents the style and taste of the people living in there. Every residence comes up with different design problems and hence they all have to be tackled in different ways.

The most interesting part of a house is its entrance. It is very important to design the entry to the house mainly because its the first impression and that has to be the best. Entrance comprises mainly of main door finish, its handle, its lock, safety grill, paneling design, detailing, lighting. There is a very minute but an important feature in the entrance which is the name plate. If one has to decide the look and feel of the entrance, name plate is a feature to be kept in mind while designing which is often ignored.

So while designing this residence in Thana for Choudhary Family, we came across the same issue. We decided to give it a personal touch rather than going in for a simple or arty sleeper wood name plates currently in the market. Graphically, the tree shape figure was designed by using names of their family members in which owners name were highlighted. It had many other words related to family. These words and names were composed and mounted on a thin canvas of size 8" x 10". A 14" high artist canvas stand was used on which this canvas was placed and was kept on the shoe cabinet at the entrance.

The idea was welcomed by the client, their friends and family and was a hit. The idea not only looked unique on that particular floor but in the whole of the building complex.

These DIY ideas makes your house unique and perfectly showcases your tastes and personality.

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